The “Liszt Memorial Prizes” International Piano Open Competition has been one of proud members of the Alink–Argerich Foundation.

Hongkong International Musician Association: Hongkong-International Piano Open Competition Award Certificates are certified by TQUK Awarding Organization under Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation)



Franz Liszt, born in Raiding, Hungary in 1811, was a famous Hungarian pianist and composer. Known as the King of Piano, he was one of the most prominent representatives of romantic music. To commemorate the two-hundredth birthday of Franz Liszt, Hungary decided to name 2011 as “The Year of Liszt”. The Ministry of Culture of France also called 2011 “The Year of Liszt” to pay their reverence to this great musician since Liszt once lived in France. Meanwhile, varieties of similar memorial activities were also held all over the world. In response to the global large-scale Commemorative Liszt activities, I.M.A. (HongKong International Musician Association) held the 2011"Liszt Memorial Prizes" Hong Kong International Piano Open Competition. Jury members were from different countries and areas. During the competition, a series of theme concerts, analytical lectures about Franz Liszt's works, and master classes were also held. The competition had achieved an unprecedented success and won a good reputation and huge influence in the field of international classical music. From then on, "Liszt Memorial Prizes" International Piano Open Competition is held every two years in different countries or regions around the world.



HONGKONG INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN ASSOCIATION has been focusing on international art communication and artistic level qualification. The IMA.HK aims to offer an international stage for all musicians to communicate and develop further through holding concerts, masterclasses, forums, lectures, and competitions around the world at regular intervals.

Jury Members

Guangren Zhou

Chinese Famous Pianist

Honor Consultant

Yafen Zhu

International renown piano performer,educator

Special Jury

Nancy Loo

Hong Kong Pianist

Artistic Consultant

Arbo Valdma

German Pianist

Artistic Director

Andrzej Tatarski



Wanghua Chu

Well-known Australian pianist,composer.

Special Judges

Paweł Skrzypek

The current principal Chopin music school


Ralf Heiber

Austrian pianist and educator


Robert sipos-Ori

Australian pianist of Hungarian parentage


Ivan Yanakov

A famous Bulgarian pianist and conductor


Robin Zebaida

A well-known British pianist, Steinway artist.


Paolo Vairo

Italian pianist

Artistic Director of Preliminary Contests

Andrew Jonathan Smith

British pianist, musical conductor.


Ariele Zanini

French pianist


Tatyana Kostenko

Ukrainian Pianist


Aleksey Kostenko

Ukrainian Pianist



Prizes of Preliminary Contests
100 is the full mark for each class, average mark which is 85 points and up as First Class Award;

80-84.99 points Second Class Award,75-79.99 points Third Class Award,70-74.99 points Merit Award and below 69.99 as Participation Certificate.

Participants achieving Third Class Award and up are qualified to the Final in Thailand.

Tutors of the First Class Award winner will receive an “Excellent Piano Tutor”certificate.

Prizes of the Final

Awarding Evaluation
I. Awards in each class: 1st, 2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th prizes, and First Class Award, Second Class Award and Third Class Award, Merit Award and Participation Certificate.
II.100 is the full mark for each class. Winners of 1st to 5th prizes have to fulfil the following marks requirement, if not, prize or trophy will not be awarded.
First Prize 90 points or above
Second and Third Prize 85 points or above
Fourth and Fifth Prize 80 points or above
III. Certificates of five levels will be awarded to the contestants according to the marks requirement below: First Class Award 90 points or above
Second Class Award 85-89.99 points
Third Class Award 80-84.99 points
Merit Award 70-79.99 points
Participation Certificate 69.99 points below

"International Excellent Piano Tutor”Certificate:
Tutor of the First, Second and Third Prize winners will receive an“International Excellent Piano Tutor" certificate awarded by I.M.A-hk.